Seller's Top 10 Questions


1.  For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Can you sell your home yourself? Absolutely. Many people do so, but can you get top dollar get all the paperwork completed quickly and accurately without undo hassle? Unlikely.

Professional agents in most states are required to take frequent courses to maintain their licenses and have more experience than the average home seller. Additionally they have more resources like Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to perform pricing comparisons, quick access to tax records and property information which is critical to pricing your home competitively. They also have a network of professionals that they can refer you to including mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, appraisers, and home inspectors. All people they have come to know and trust.


2.  Hiring a Realtor

You must find a realtor you trust and can work with. Ensure they have the proper knowledge and experience for your type of home and its location. Also ensure they use marketing methods that will attract the kind of buyer you are looking for. If you want to attract a young professional buyer and your realtor isn’t offering an online photo gallery and virtual tour, you may not be well aligned for each other.

3.  Home Inspection

Have your home inspected before you put it on the market. You will find all the issues that your buyer will discover when they have their inspection done. By repairing everything before you list your home it will show much better. It is also far cheaper to make repairs when you are not under the pressure of completing repairs prior to a closing date.

4.  Pricing your home

Many people believe you should start with a high asking price so that you can negotiate down. An unrealistically high asking price will simply prevent your home for showing, or worse, turn off prospective buyers. You need to have your home priced competitively, especially in this market, to ensure you get traffic through the house. Look at comparable houses that have sold within the last 2-3 months and that are within a mile of your home and price accordingly.

5.  Invite your neighbors

Prospective buyers will speak to your neighbors before they buy so get your neighbors involved and positive about the experience. Let them know you are selling and invite them to see your home. Let them know they are welcome to visit and to tell their friends about your home. It can even be beneficial to let them meet prospective buyers…

6.  Make your home accessible

You must be prepared to be as accommodating as possible to potential buyers. The more accessible your home is to a buyer, the better your chances of selling your home for maximum price.

7.  Stage Your Home

As soon as you decide to sell your home you can no longer view it as yours. Remove the personal touches and any clutter. Your home is now a showroom. Freshen the paint, keep the trash clans clean, remove any pet odors and ensure the yard is in shape. If you have to move out of the house prior to its sale then rent staging furniture and place it in the home. It will show much better than an empty house.

8.  Make your home inviting

If your prospective buyer doesn’t find your house warm and inviting then they won’t want to picture themselves living in the home and you will have lost a possible sale. Your home needs to be warm and inviting and in pristine condition.

9.  Vet your buyer

By ensuring your buyer has been pre-approved you can save significant time and money. Nothing is worse than spending significant time and money working with someone who can’t afford your home.

10.  Leverage the Internet

Most buyers today begin their search for a home on the internet. If you don’t have multiple photos and a full description of your home on the internet then you are at a disadvantage. Ensure your home is listed on ALL the MLS systems in your area.

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